custer county comments

This web page is a gathering point for Custer County-based comments on proposals for the management of federal lands in the Boulder-White Clouds mountains.

In particular, this page aims at assembling comments from Custer County residents and businesses about the proposal asking the President to designate a new “Boulder-White Clouds National Monument,” using the authority of the American Antiquities Act of 1906.

Comments on this page are restricted to residents and business in Custer County, Idaho.

Some 80 percent of the proposed National Monument would fall in Custer County.  Custer residents and businesses have direct and detailed experience of the Boulder-White Clouds and their management.  The expertise and observations of the people of Custer County should have special value to decision-makers as proposals for these lands are considered.

Comments should be submitted as Word documents to  Comments will be reviewed before they are posted on this site (as pdf files).  The name(s) of the commenter(s) and the city of residence or business in Custer County must be included.  Submitted comments may be rejected and returned in the event of inappropriate language, or if the commenter is not located in Custer County.

Comments may also be made on video (eg. YouTube), with the link provided in writing.  They may also link to appropriate web sites or photo sites on the web.  This is to provide maximum abilty for commenters to provide useful information.  See “How To Comment“.